b'YOU CAN ORDERPREPRINTED FORMSBLANK FORMSSETS & KITSOUR BASIC W2 FORM IRS FORMAT PRESSURE-SEAL FORMS: HOW ARE THEY USED? Each sheet contains information for two employees. All copiesPressure-seal forms ensure security and are used by a wide variety are printed separately and the employee copies must be collatedof customers. Instead of requiring a separate envelope, pressure-for envelope insertion. Forms are sold in packages of 50 8-1/2" xsealformshavethinstripsofadhesivethatwhenpressed 11" sheets yielding 100 individual W2 forms. Bulk packages of 500togethercreate a "self-mailer." Customers require specialized sheets yielding 1,000 forms are available.sealing equipment to generate these, but the efficiency is often worth it. We offer a full line of stock pressure-seal tax forms, and W2 BLANK FORMS FOR YOUR SOFTWARE can also quote on custom jobs.BlankformsareavailableforusewithsoftwareandfeaturesWe offer these in a variety of Z-fold, V-Fold and Eccentric Fold perforations depending on how your software outputs the data. Blank forms are available with or without Copy B, Copy C, and Copy 2 backer information.PACKAGE SETSZFold VFold Eccentric OurPackageSetsofferyoueverythingyouneedtogetherinZFoldone convenient package for 25 to 50 employees and 20 to 100 employees. Our Package Sets add our self-seal envelopes to theCONTINUOUS FORMSmix. Package Sets are available in Laser forms and are matched toContinuous forms accommodate the traditional pin-feed printers your software capabilities. If your software prints only the variablealso known as high impact,dot matrix and pin feed printers. We data youll choose the pre-printed forms. If your software printsoffer various types of constructions for clearer print quality. Twin the complete form then youll order the blank perforated forms.sets are two 3-Part or 4-Part sets collated so the employers and Remember that the Federal Copy A of all W2 and 1099 forms mustemployees forms are separated. Self-mailers save time and money be completed on pre-printed forms with scannable red ink. as all the employee forms are pre-inserted in the envelope ready for mailing. We use the official IRS format so our forms will fit the ALL FORMS HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY APPROVED majority of software programs. If in doubt, ask for samples.We work closely with government agencies to ensure that we offer the most complete and compliant line of forms available in theTwo official Forms W2 are contained on a single page industry today. All forms meet rigid IRS and SSA printing standardsthat is 8 12 " wide by 11" deep.inordertopasstheirOCR(OpticalCharacterRecognition)b 22222 VOID aEmployees social security numberFor Ofcial Use Only2 Federal income tax withheldOMB No. 1545-0008 requirements. All changes and updates have been made and newcEmployers name, address, and ZIP code 1 Wages, tips, other compensation 4 Social security tax withheld3 Social security wages5 Medicare wages and tips 6 7 Social security tips 8 Medicare tax withheldAllocated tipsforms added. In addition, all form have been approved by thed eControl number Last name Suff. 13 9Statutory Retirement Third-party10C C C C ddddoooe e e e See instructions for box 121112aemployeeplan sick pay 12bLASER FORMS: FORM 7600-3 3PT/X-13 FORM 7600-3 3PT/X-13 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement 2021 41-0852411 Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue Service 14Other 12cFederal Government as well as State and City Tax Agencies.15 fEmployees address and ZIP code 16State wages, tips, etc.17State income tax18Local wages, tips, etc. 12d o20Locality nameStateEmployers state ID number 19Local income taxFor Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Copy AFor Social Security Administration. Send this entire page with not acceptable.Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Form W-3 to the Social Security Administration; photocopies are Do Not Cut, Fold, or Staple Forms on This PageOur laser forms come in 8.5"x 11" sheets and come pre-printed orb 22222 VOID aEmployees social security numberFor Ofcial Use Only 2 Social security tax withheldOMB No. 1545-0008Federal income tax withheld1 Wages, tips, other compensationcEmployers name, address, and ZIP code 3 Social security wages 4 blank format to accommodate output of data of the majority ofdControl number e Last name Suff. 13 5 Medicare wages and tips Third-party 12b C C C ddooe e 6 Allocated tipsMedicare tax withheld7 Social security tips 8 910 1112aSee instructions for box 12software programs. They are 20# white bond that are IRS officialfEmployees address and ZIP code 16State wages, tips, etc.17State income tax Statutory Retirementsick pay 12c C ddooe e 20Locality nameemployeeplan14Other12dspecs,ourlasersareavailableinstandardandbulkpackages15StateEmployers state ID number 2021 18Local wages, tips, etc.19Local income taxForm W-2 Wage and Tax Statement 41-0852411 Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue Service For Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Copy AFor Social Security Administration. Send this entire page with not acceptable.Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Form W-3 to the Social Security Administration; photocopies are asdescribedthroughoutourcatalog.Theyaccommodatethe traditional Laser and ink-jet printers that are in use in business andIf filing 250 or more forms you must submit them electronically. home office. Employers who are electronically filing their wage information to PRESSURE SEAL TAX FORMSare self-mailing forms thatSSA require only the forms for the employee and possibly their are growing in popularity due to the convenience of one-pieceown State and/or File copies. Various combinations are available mailing and built-in security of a sealed form. They are printed onin 1-wide, carbonless non-mailer format. Order in the number of 28# white ledger bond paper using heat resistant inks. There isforms needed.an adhesive around the edge of the forms that when run throughE-FILE AND SECURE PRINT AND MAIL CENTERa sealing machine the minuscule glue capsules burst and createThemarketforpapertaxformsisdeclining3-5%everyyear, a bond, thus creating the self-mailer. There are 500 forms perbecause businesses are filing differently. Rely on the experts for package. fast, secure processing of W2s, 1099s and ACA forms. Today, more and more businesses are switching from traditional paper filing to outsourcing the processing of 1099s, W2s and, most recently ACA forms. As a result, theres never been a greater time to take advantage of print, mail and e-file services. Its a dedicated print and mail resource for high-volume 1099, W2 and ACA forms filing.8'