b'ComplyRight Service Bureau 1099, W-2 & ACA Processing ServicesIts never been easier to eliminate the administrative legworkof annual tax filing while maintaining strict IRS compliance.ComplyRight Service Bureau is a convenient outsourcing option for high-volume filerstypically businesses with 300 or more.ComplyRight Service Bureau provides enhancedservices such as Data mapping/conversion, 1099 TIN checking, Social Security number masking, and CASS-NCOA processing. Businesses simply provide a file withthe required form data, and we handle the printing and mailing to recipients. All processing takes place in a secure printing facility that is SOCII-certified by the American Institute of CPAs and 100% HIPAA-compliant.SECURE PRINT & MAIL SERVICESServices We Offer: Print & Mail to Recipients Deadline to submit files is January 20)Bulk Delivery (E-file Ship CD with Images Back to Sender Data Conversion/Technical SupportSSN Masking on Recipient DocumentTIN Matching(Available May-December) * CASS Address Validation(Available May-December) ** Pre-Season data preparation servicesYour Customer Provides the Data, We Handle the Rest. 3'