b'FORM INDEXProduct Directory by Form NumberAPEX ITEM#TFP ID#DESCRIPTIONPAGE APEX ITEM#TFP ID#DESCRIPTIONPAGE APEX ITEM#TFP ID#DESCRIPTIONPAGEW-2 TAXRIGHT KITSLMCLM25112Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 29 1099-S FORMS C5650ES6-Part w/Software (50, 25, 10 packs)5 LMBL5108Blank with Copy B backer inst.29 LSA5160Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy35C5650E6-Part (50, 25, 10 packs)5 5159Blank with Copy B backer inst. and side stub29 LSB5161Pre-Printed Transfer Copy35C5645ES4-Part w/Software (50, 25, 10 packs)5 LM351143-Up Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy 29 LSC5162Pre-Printed File Copy35C5645E4-Part (50, 25, 10 packs)5 LM3BL51733-Up Blank with Copy B and C baker inst29 PS358N/A11" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46W-2 LASER FORMSLMB2Pre-Printed Recipient Copies29 TC-S4716044-Part Continuous Forms (Carbonless)47LW2A5201IRS Federal Copy11 1099-MISC SETSDifferent Options39, 40, 42 1098 FORMS LW2B5202Employee\'s IRS Federal Copy11 PS353511311" 2-Up Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 44 L18A5150Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy35LW2CLW225203Employee\'s Copy11 PSBMISC550111" 2-Up Blank Pressure Seal 44 L18B5151Pre-Printed Payer/Borrer Copy35LW2D15204Employer\'s Copy11 PS814MBN/A14" 2-UP Blank w/backer inst.44 L18C5152Pre-Printed Recipient/Lender Copy35LW2BC5212Employee\'s Copies B & C Combined11 TC-M7154Carbonless Continuous Forms (3-Part, 4-Part, PS356511611" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46LW35200W-3 Transmital11 5-Part)47 TC18-3716833-Part Continuous form (Carbonless)47W-2 LASER ALTERNATE FORMATS1099-INT FORMS1098-C FORMS L4UP52054-Up Box Employee\'s Copies12 LIA5120Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy30 L18CA5901Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy36L4UPR54054-Up Box Employer\'s Copies12 LIB5121Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy30 L18CB5902Pre-Printed Donor Copy36L4UP24500N/A4-Up Box Employee\'s Copies (24# paper)12 LIC5122Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 30 L18CC5903Pre-Printed Donor Copy36L8752064-Up Horizontal Employee\'s Copies 12 1099-INT SETSDifferent Options40, 42 L18CD5904Pre-Printed Donee Copy36L87R54064-Up Horizontal Employer\'s Copies12 PS351511511" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 45 1098-E FORMSL8724500N/A4-Up Horizontal Employee\'s Copies (24#paper) 12 PS361550211" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal (Multiple Acct.) 45 L18EA5185Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy36N/A52134-Up Box T-Style Employee\'s Copies13 TC-I4715044-Part Continuous Forms (Carbonless)47 L18EB5186Pre-Printed Borrower Copy36L27552144-Up Box M-Style Employee\'s Copies13 1099-DIV FORMSL18EC5187Pre-Printed Recipient Copy36L27652154-Up Box M-Style Employer\'s Copies13 LDA5130Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy30 PS354N/A11"Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46L4UPW52164-Up Box W-Style Employee\'s Copies13 LDB5131Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy30 1098-T FORMS L4UPWR52174-Up Box W-Style Employer\'s Copies13 LDC5132Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 30 L18TA5180Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy36L3UP52103-Up Horizontal W-Style Employee\'s Copies14 1099-DIV SETSDifferent Options41, 43 L18TB5181Pre-Printed Student Copy36L3UPRN/A3-Up Horizontal W-Style Employer\'s Copies14 PS352N/A11" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 45 L18TC5182Pre-Printed Filer Copy36L4UPA5205A4-Up Box P-Style Employee\'s Copies14 TC-D4715244-Part Continuous Forms (Carbonless)47 PS359511711" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46L4UPAR5405A4-Up Box P-Style Employer\'s Copies14 1099-A FORMSPS379N/A11" Blank Pressure Seal46L4DN 52184-Up Horizontal N-Style Employee\'s Copies14 LAA5146Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy31 5498 FORMS W-2 LASER BLANK FORMSLAB5147Pre-Printed Borrower\'s Copy31 L58A5170Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy37L4BL52094-Up Box w/Employee\'s backer inst.15 LAC5148Pre-Printed Lender\'s Copy 31 L58B5171Pre-Printed Participant Copy37L4BL24500N/A4-Up Box w/Employee\'s backer inst. (24# paper) 15 1099-B FORMSL58C5172Pre-Printed Trustee Copy37L87B52084-Up Horizontal w/Employee\'s backer inst.15 LBA5153Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy31 PS357550511" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46L87B24500N/A4-Up Horizontal w/Employee\'s backer inst LBB5154Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy31 5498-ESA FORMS(24# paper)15 LBC5155Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 31 L58ESAA5126Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy37L87BNB54084-Up Horizontal no backer inst.15 PS360N/A11" Pressure Seal Form45 L58ESAB 5127 Pre-PrintedBeneficiaryCopy 37L3BL52113-Up Horizontal w/Employee\'s backer inst15 1099-C FORMSL58ESAC5128Pre-Printed Trustee Copy37LW2BL52222-Up with backer inst.15 LCA5137Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy31 5498-SA FORMS W-2 SetsDifferent Options16,17 LCB5138Pre-Printed Debtor\'s Copy31 L58SAA5133Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy37W-2 PRESSURE SEAL FORMSLCC5139Pre-Printed Creditor\'s Copy 31 L58SAB5134Pre-Printed Participant Copy37PS285522011" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed 18 1099-CAP FORMSL58SAC5135Pre-Printed Trustee Copy37PS283522311" 4-Up Box Blank w/backer inst.18 LCAPA5197Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy32 BLANK FORMS PS1287522414" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed 18 LCAPB5198Pre-Printed Shareholder\'s Copy32 LU4N/AUniversal form no backer inst.15, 38PS1289522514" 4-Up Box Blank w/backer inst.18 LCAPC5199Pre-Printed Corporation/Broker\'s Copy 32 L4BLNB52214-Up Box no backer inst15, 38PS1288522714" 4-Up Horizontal Blank w/backer inst.19 1099-G FORMSL9BL51743-Up Horizontal no backer inst w/side stub15, 38PS1286522814" 4-Up Horizontal Pre-Printed19 LGA5156Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy32 L9BLH51453-UP Horizontal no side stub38LW287PSN/A14" 4-Up Horizontal Pre-Printed19 LGB5157Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy32 LW2NB52072-Up with no backer inst15LW287PSBN/A14" 4-Up Horizontal Blank w/backer inst.19 LGC5158Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 32 LMRNB51442-Up Universal Blank w/Stub38PS1280ZN/A14" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed20 PS355N/A11" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal45 LJH15104tAX11099 Blank w/multiple backers38PS1279N/A14" 4-Up Box Blank w/backer inst.20 1099-K FORMSLJH25104TAX21099 Blank w/multiple backers38LW2PSN/A14" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed20 LKA5325Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy32 LJH35106TAX31099 Blank w/multiple backers38W-2 CORRECTION FORMSLKB5326Pre-Printed Payee\'s Copy32 BLANK W/NO BACKER PRESSURE SEAL FORMS LW3C5309W-3C Laser Transmital11 LKC5327Pre-Printed Filer\'s Copy 32 N/A511911" 3-Up Horizontal44LW2CA5313Laser IRS Fedearl Copy11 1099-LTC FORMSPSN11Z522911" 2-Up form44LW2CB5314Laser Employee\'s Federal Copy11 LLTCA5190Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy33 PSN14EZN/A14" 2-Up w/Screened Backer44LW2CC5316Laser Employee\'s Copy11 LLTCB5191Pre-Printed Policy Holder\'s Copy33 PSB80650N/A14" 2-Up Universal44LW2C25316Laser Employee\'s Copy11 LLTCC5192Pre-Printed Insured Copy 33 PSB99ZN/A11" 3-Up w/Screened Backer44LW2CD15315Laser Employer\'s Copy11 LLTCD5193Pre-Printed Payer Copy 33 1099 ENVELOPES49N/A53174-Part Set (50, 25 Employee packs)16 1099-SAFORMSSOFTWARE N/A53186-Part Set (50, 25 Employee packs)16 LSAA5123Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy33 11014TaxRight5095219EN/A6-Part Set w/Env (50 Employees pack)17 LSAB5124Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy33 12034LaserLInk50W2C552266-Part Continuous Forms21 LSAC5125Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 33 1203450LaserLink XL50W3C795422-Part Continuous Transmital21 1099-OIDFORMS14035ACA50W-2 CONTINOUS FORMSLOA5163Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy33 ACA FORMS X17981144-Part Carbonless21 LOB5164Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy33 1095B501095B1095B Employee/Employer Copy52X18981166-Part Carbonless21 LOC5165Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 33 1095BIRS501095BIRS1095B IRS Copy52X13760033-Part Carbonless Twin Set Employer Copies21 PS350N/A11" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 45 1094BT501094BT1095B Transmital 52X13A764033-Part Carbonless Twin Set Employee Copies21 1099-PATRFORMS1095BC501095BC1095B Continuation Form52W3793322-Part Transmital 21 LPA5166Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy34 1095BIRSC501095BIRSC 1095B IRS Continuation Copy52X4888848-Part Carbonless 2-Wide21 LPB5167Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy34 1095C501095C1095C Employee/Employer Copy52W-2 ENVELOPES22 LPC5168Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 34 1095CIRS501095CIRS1095C IRS Copy521099-MISC & NEC TAXRIGHT KITS1099-QFORMS1094CT501094CT1095C Transmital52C6103ES4-Part w/Software (50, 25, 10 packs)23 LQA5194Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy34 1095CC501095CC1095C Continuation Form52C6103E4-Part (50, 25, 10 packs)23 LQB5195Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy34 1095CIRSC501095CIRSC 1095C IRS Continuation Copy52NECC6103ES4-Part w/Software (50, 25, 15 packs)24 LQC5196Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 34 1095BCBLK501095BCBLK 1095 Blank form w/ B and C backer inst.52NECC6103E4-Part (50, 25, 15 packs)24 1099-RFORMS PS1095B50014" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal521099 TRANSMITALLRA5140Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy34 PS1095C50014" Pre-Printed Pressure Seal52L109651001096 Annual Transmital 29 LRB5141Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy34 PS1095BC500BLK14" Blank w/B and C backer inst Pressure Seal521096109622-Part Continuous Transmital47 LRCLR25142Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy34 1042-S FORMS 1099-NEC FORMSLRD15143Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 34 L42A5320IRS Federal Copy53NECLMANEC5110Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy28 LR3N/A3-Up Horizontal Recipient Copy35 L42B5321Employee\'s Recipient Copy53NECLMBNEC5111Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy28 LR451754-Up Box Pre-Printed Recipient Copy35 L42C5322Employee\'s Recipient Copy53NECLMCLM2NEC5112Pre-Printed Payer\'s Copy 28 LR4R51764-Up Box Pre-Printed Payer Copy35 L42D5323Employee\'s Recipient Copy53NECLMBLNEC5108Blank with Copy B backer inst.28 LR4BL51794-Up Box Blank w/backer Inst.38 L42E5324Employee\'s Withholding Copy53N/ANEC5159Blank with Copy B backer inst. and side stub28 LRBLBCN/A2-Up Blank w/backer inst.38 W2-G FORMS NECLM3NEC5114Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy 28 N/A56444-Part Set (50, 25 Employee packs)41 LW2GA5230IRS Federal Copy53NECLM3BLNEC5173Blank with Copy B and C baker inst28 N/A56466-Part Set (50, 25 Employee packs)41 LW2GB5231Copy B53NECLMB2N/APre-Printed Alternate format Recipient Copies28 95944N/A4-Part Set (100, 50 Employee packs)43 LW2GC5232Copy C531099-NEC SETSDifferent Options39, 40, 42 95946N/A6-Part Set (100, 50 Employee packs)43 LW2GD5233Copy D53NECPS353NEC511311" 2-Up Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 44 PS284517711" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 45 N/A719366-Part Continuous Forms53NECPSMISCNEC550111" 2-Up Blank Pressure Seal 44 PS1159517811" 4-Up Box Blank w/backer inst. Pressure Seal45 MISCELLANEOUS FORMS NECTC-MNEC7154Continuous Forms Carbonless (3-Part, 4-Part,PS1304550314" 3-Up Horizontal Pre-Printed Pressure Seal 46 I-910251I-9545-Part)48 PS814RB5225R14" 4-Up Box Blank w/backer inst. Pressure Seal 46 LW95311W-9541099-MISC FORMSPS1240550414" 4-Up Box Pre-Printed Pressure Seal46 W-41020W-454LMA5110Pre-Printed IRS Federal Copy29 TC-R4715944-Part Continuous Forms (Carbonless)47 39213921 Series 54LMB5111Pre-Printed Recipient\'s Copy29 39223922 Series54'