b'Jump Start Your Digital Tax Business Today With the Fast File CardsWhile the world works on containing the pandemic, businessesdo whatever is needed to ensure business continuity and survival.To grow and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world, swift digital transformation into a pandemic-proof process is vital.Fast File CardsExpand your digital tax-filing offerings with the Fast File Cards. When it comes to e-filing W-2 and 1099 forms, Fast File is the perfect solution for small business customers. Fast File is auser-friendly electronic option that guides employers step-by-step through the filing process. The Fast File card allows usersto E-file, Print & Mail for 10 or 25 employees. Its the quickest, smartest way for businesses with 25 or less employees tomeet their annual tax-filing responsibilities. SKU Product NameFASTFILE10 ComplyRight FAST FILE CardE-file, Print & Mail for 10 EmployeesFASTFILE25 ComplyRight FAST FILE CardE-file, Print & Mail for 25 EmployeesHow E-file Works:SOC-Certified1. 2. 3.Files are uploadedData is processed in ourWe e-file directly toonline to ourSSAE 16, SOC II, HIPAAthe IRS and print andsecure server.compliant facility. mail to the recipient.10'