b'SOFTWARE-COMPATIBLESOFTWARE-COMPATIBLE ENVELOPES AND FOLDERS ENVELOPES AND FOLDERSA B For Use with Ultra Tax For Use withA Bby Creative Solutions, CCH ProSystem fxATX, 1040 and MaxWindows align with software cover sheetsWindows align with softwareEnvelopes include Peel and Seal that open cover sheets on the short sideEnvelopes are 9" x 12"Folders are 8" x 11" premiumand open on 9" side 88# paper with a1 / 8 " score and include Folders are 8" x 11", pocket on right with business card slots 80# paper with a7 / 16 " scoreand include pocket on right A. Offset Window Folder with business card slots Blue #FB01D A.Offset Window First ClassB. First Class Envelope 95 / 8 " x 11 / 8 " Mail Envelope Peel & Seal #PEV48Moisture Seal#PRK37Peel & Seal#PEQ43C B.Landscape Envelope for GreatTax, Drake TaxWise and TaxWorks Ultra Tax OnlyAvailable in single and double window Envelopes open on the short side C DDouble Window, Moisture Seal#PEY51 Windows align with softwareDouble Window, Peel & Seal#PER44 cover sheetsC.Single-Window First Class Folders are 8" x 11", 80# paper with a Mail Envelope 3 / 16 " score, and a pocket on the right side Moisture Seal#PEL38 with business card slotsD.First Class MailMoisture Seal#PET46Blank Moisture Seal#PET46 C. Tax Return Envelope9" x 11"Peel & Seal#PE041 Confidential (Landscape)F E.Standard Window Folder Moisture Seal#PEM13Midnight Blue#FMB32 Peel & Seal#PEV22Burgundy #FBU11 D. Tax Return Envelope9" x 11"E Emerald Green #FG04 Portrait Moisture Seal#PEZ52F.Offset Window FolderOffset window positionsMidnight Blue#FMB03 Envelopes for Lacerte and ProSeries by Intuit Software- A BCompatible Envelopes Windows align with software cover sheets Envelopes are 9" x 11"and open on the short-sideA.Portrait Double WindowMoisture Seal#PEL12Peel & Seal#PEU21 B.Landscape Small Double WindowMoisture Seal#PEP166 7'