b'TAX ENVELOPES TAX REPORT FOLDERSCoordinating Envelopes Deliver Make a Statement A Ba Color-Coordinated Packagewith Report FoldersThat Matches Many of 8" x 11" folders Our FoldersPrinted on 80# linen stock10" x 13" landscape design Sized to fit in files with no pockets28# white wove stock Order as few as 50 foldersMoisture seal flap opens at top A.Single-Window FolderCan be imprinted with Light Blue#CLB22your company name B.Double-Window Folder Order as few as 50 envelopes Light Blue#CLB01C.Tax Return Folder Coordinating Envelopes Cream#TXC16Blue #ENV510 D.Client Copy Tax Return FoldersBurgundy#ENV310 Classic design is available in two formats:Green#ENV410 a no-pocket folder with side-staple and a Black #ENV610 no-pocket folder with no staple tabs.C DClient Copy Folderwith Side-Staple TabsNo pockets8 5 / 8 " x 11", Double " scoreCommunicate Blue #SCB02Confidential Information White#SCW01Client Copy Folder10" x 13" envelope with No Staple Tabs70# cream stock No pockets 8" x 11"Peel & Seal flap opens on top Blue #CB07 White#SW06Can be imprinted with companyJane Doe logo and contact information1000 Elm St. Confidential EnvelopeAnytown, USA#PEB54FIRST CLASS MAIL ENVELOPESSimple Envelope A B Our Collection of First Class Mail Lists Year, Client Envelopes Offers a Wide Variety of and Preparer Options for Mailing to Your Clients Moisture seal and peel & seal styles9" x 12" envelopeLandscape and portrait formats in various Opens at top sizesOrder as few as 50 envelopes Double and single window formats Tax Record Envelope Moisture Seal#PEI09 A.Portrait-Style Double WindowMoisture seal opens on top9" x 11"#PEO15B. Double Window 10" x 13" Moisture Seal#PEA0110 11 Peel & Seal#PEB02'