b'1099 PRE-PRINTED ENVELOPES TAX REPORTING SOFTWAREWindow Envelopes|Gummed & Self-Seal TaxRight, LaserLink & ACACOMPATIBLE FORMS1099 2-UP DOUBLE WINDOW ENVELOPE 1099-MISC, R, DIV, Copy B SINGLE WINDOW 1099 DOUBLE WINDOW ENVELOPE WIDE FORMPRE-PRINTEDBLANK FORMSAPEX DWMRGUMMED APEX SWMRGUMMED APEX DW19WGUMMED 1094-B1094BT IMOPCOURMTEANNTTETNACXL ROESTEUDRND APEX DWMRSSELF-SEAL IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED APEX DW19WSSELF-SEAL 1094-C1094CT APEX DWMRDGUM/DIAG. SEAM DmopcourmtaennttTEanxc lRoesteudrn I 1095-B1095BIRS, 1095B, 1095BC1095BCBLK TFP 77771GUMMEDTFP 77772SELF-SEAL 1095-C1095CIRS, 1095C, 1095CC1095BCBLKOverall Size:Overall Size:Bottom Window: Overall Size:Bottom Window:5-5/8" x 9" 3-7/8" x 8-7/8" 1-1/16" x 3-3/8"*109651005-5/8" x 9" 3-3/8" x 1-7/16"Top Window:Position:Window:Top Window:Position:*10985150, 5151, 515251743-3/8" x 1-1/8" 1/2" from left 1-7/16" x 3-3/8" 7/8" x 3-3/8" 1/2" from left Position:Position:11/16" from bottom 1098-E5185, 5186, 51875174Position:1-1/2" from bottom 1/4" from left 1/2" from left1/2" from left 1-1/2" from bottom 2-1/4" from bottom*1098-T5180, 5181, 518251743-3/4" from bottom 1099-A5146, 5147, 51485174Title:TaxRight 20.23Title:LASERLINK 20.23*1099-B5153, 5154, 51555144, 51741099 SINGLE WINDOW ENVELOPE 1099-MISC 3-UP HORIZONTAL ENVELOPE 1099 BLANK MULTIPLE BACKERS Description:Windows CD-ROMDescription:Windows CD-ROM*1099-C5137, 5138, 51395174Item Number:11014 Item Number:12034 *1099-DIV5130, 5131, 51325144, 5174APEX SW19GUMMED APEX DWM3GUMMED APEX DWJHGUMMEDTFP 11111GUMMED IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED TFP 52521GUMMED IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED APEX DWJHSSELF-SEAL 1099-G5156, 5157, 51585174TFP 12121GUMMED *1099-INT5120, 5121, 51225174TFP 12122SELF-SEAL *1099-MISC5110, 5111, 51125144, 5174Overall Size:Overall Size:Bottom Window:Overall Size:Bottom Window:1099-NECNEC5110, NEC5111, NEC5112NEC5108, NEC5159, 3-7/8" x 8-1/4" 3-7/8" x 8-7/8" 13/16" x 3-3/8" 3-7/8" x 9" 3-5/8" x 1-9/16"Window:Top Window:Position:NEC51731-1/16" x 3-3/8" Top Window:Position:3-5/8" x 7/8" 1/2" from leftPosition:15/16" x 3-3/8" 7/16" from left Position:1/2" from bottom 1099-PATR5166, 5167, 51685174Position:3/4" from bottom7/16" from left 7/16" from left 1/2" from left *1099-R5140, 5141, 5142, 5143514411/16" from bottom 2-1/4" from bottom 2-3/8" from bottom *1099-S5160, 5161, 5162517454985170, 5171, 51725144*W-25201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5205,5207, 5208 1099-INT LASER MULTIPLE ACCOUNT BACKER 5210, 5218 5209, 5222APEX DWU4W-2C5313, 5314, 5315, 5316 IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED Title:ACA 20.23W-2G5230, 5231, 5232, 52335144NOTE: Envelopes accommodate our pre-printed forms, when using blank forms that populate dataDescription:Windows CD-ROM*W-35200 from software output, please request samples to make sure the software output fits the windowItem Number:14035 W-3C5309 5211 Overall Size:Bottom Window: 5-7/8" x 9" 2-1/2" x 9/16" position dimensions.BONUS LASER SETS WITH ENVELOPES Top Window:Position: 2-1/2" x 9/16" 3" from left W-25645E, 5650E, 5655EPosition:1-7/16" from bottom Tax software from ComplyRight helps small to large businesses comply1099-MISC6102E, 6103E7/8" from left3-5/8" from bottom with IRS form regulations. Backed by reliable Windows-based functionality,1099-NECNEC6102E, NEC6103Eall of our tax software titles are user friendly and guide you step-by-stepCONVENIENCE LASER SETS through the filing process. The software offerse-file capabilities, makingW-25645, 5650, 56555746filing with the IRS and SSA quicker and easier than ever. W-2C5317, 5318 n TaxRight offers the 11 most commonly filed forms (1099-MISC, DIV, 1099-MISC6103, 61056174APEXTFP INT, B, C, R, S, 1098, 1098-T, W-2) plus the 1096 and W-3 transmittals.1099-NECNEC6102, NEC6103, NEC6105NEC6174ENVELOPE DESCRIPTION 1099-INT6104, 6106 DWMR777711099 2-Up Double Window Envelope (Gummed)For Forms: 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 5498, 1098-MTG n ACA Software offers the 1095-B, 1095-C, 1094-B and 1094-C. 1099-DIV6107 DWMRS777721099 2-Up Double Window Envelope (Self-Seal)For Forms: 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 5498, 1098-MTG Transmittals filing available for an additional fee. 1099-R5644, 5646 DWMRDN/A1099 2-Up Double Window Envelope (Gummed), Diagonal SeamFor Forms: L4UPW, LR4, 5216, 5175SWMRN/A1099-MISC, R, DIV, Copy B, Single Window Envelope (Gummed) System Requirements: Windows 10 and up. 2GHz processor or higher, 4GB RAM or higher (8GB for e-filing),* Forms available in TaxRight 20.23, LaserLink 20.23 250MB of disk space, CD-ROM Drive, Display optimized for 1920x1080 screen resolution or higher. Internet accessDW19WN/A1099 Double Window Envelope Wide (Gummed) for updates and e-filing process. Works with most Windows compatible printers (laser printers are recommended).DW19WSN/A1099 Double Window Envelope Wide (Self-Seal)Admin rights required. SW19111111099 Single Window Envelope (Gummed) E-filing capability available for the following forms when submitted from DWM3525211099-MISC 3-Up Horizontal Double Envelope (Gummed)For Forms: LM3, LM3BL, 5114, 5173 the software for an additional fee per form.DWJH121211099 Blank Multiple Backers Double Window Envelope (Gummed)For Forms: LJH1, LJH2, LJH3, 5104, 5105, 5106DWJHS121221099 Blank Multiple Backers Double Window Envelope (Self-Seal)For Forms: LJH1, LJH2, LJH3, 5104, 5105, 5106 1099-MISC1099-NECW-21099-DIV1099-INTDWU4N/ADouble Window EnvelopeFor Form: LU41099-B1099-C10981098-T1099-R1099-S1095-B1095-C56 57'